We are currently accepting Spring and Summer merchandise! Please see our guidelines before bringing items in to sell. Thanks so much and see you soon!

Consignment Policy

We accept consignments Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-3:30. Please no consignments on Sunday. We are closed  Mondays.

We are currently accepting Spring and Summer consignments. We will start taking Fall items September 1.

Clothing items need to be brought in on hangers or very neatly folded in shopping bags, 25 items per person per month. We don’t keep your hangers and please do not being things in in trash bags!!! (Lolo’s pet peeve) We do not accept men's suits, slacks or dress shoes. We also do not accept children's clothing or bridal wear.

Please make sure your clothing is less than two years old, name brand, with no spots, stain, pulls etc., and with the manufacturer’s name and size tag present.  We favor comfortable clothing but we are also taking a few more dress-up things! Yay! For shoes and sandals, they need to be new or nearly new with no visible footprint. We take 3 pairs of shoes per person. We love vintage clothes, too!

Handbags must be clean inside and out, current styling and for the season. Costume and/or fine jewelry must be clean, polished, untangled and seasonal as well.

We price items according to what the market will bear. You receive 40% of what clothing, bags and shoes sell for when priced under $100, 50% for jewelry and items priced over $100. Clothing is consigned for 60 days with a 50% markdown after 45 days on the floors. All clothing items are subject to a promotional discount of 20% off at any time.

For furniture consignments,  we ask that we okay them before they come to the store, either by picture or appointment. We do not accept beds, rocking chairs, large armoires or dining sets. We generally don’t take couches over loveseat size. For housewares and collectibles, anything interesting is considered but all items need to be in excellent and complete condition. Please, no cut glass, floral vases, silver tableware or garage sale leftovers!!

For houseware and furniture consignments, you receive 50% of the selling price and they are consigned for 45-60 days with a 50% markdown after 35-45 days on the floor. All houseware and furniture consignments are subject to a 10% off discount at any time.

At the end of the consignment period, it is your responsibility to pick up any remaining items (we will have YOU look for them) or they become the property of Lolo’s and will be donated or sold for charity.

If you have a large amount of items to sell or have any remaining questions, please call 707-963-7972 and press 3 to speak to a real live Lolo’s human being!!

We look forward to working with you!